What We Do

Contract Lobbying

As lobbyists, we represent our clients’ interests before key opinion leaders and decision-makers in state and local government.

We also draw upon our understanding of public policy – as it is now, and as it is likely to be in the future – to help companies develop business strategies that provide the best opportunities for success.

We represent a wide array of diverse interests, from multinational corporations and local businesses, to trade associations and non-profit organizations.

We have been on the prevailing side of many of the major legislative issues in Delaware, including:

Byrd Gomes
  • Public education reform
  • Enabling banks to sell insurance
  • Legalization of slot machines at racetracks
  • Telecommunications industry deregulation
  • Responsible rezoning of commercial property

Our core expertise is in six areas of representation:

  • 1

    Legislative Lobbying:

    The majority of our activity involves lobbying and representing clients’ position before the Delaware Legislature for assistance with specific, issue-related projects. Our strength is in our ability to identify, and gain access to the key individuals who should hear our clients’ point of view.

  • 2

    Procurement Lobbying:

    Through our contacts with legislators, local officials, State and local executive offices, and regulatory agencies, we assist organizations who want to obtain government contracts or funding, or who simply want to do business with government agencies. We understand the politics of the bid process as well as the functioning of various agencies, and can guide clients toward the most successful approach in transacting business with government offices.

  • 3

    Local Government Lobbying:

    Local ordinances and regulations at the city or county level can have significant impact on a broad range of business functions including marketing, merchandising, health and safety, and zoning. We have successfully represented a variety of clients in the retailing, manufacturing and service sectors.

  • 4

    Regulatory Advocacy:

    We work on selected administrative issues to achieve favorable regulation on issues involving our clients’ interests. We have been active in regulatory matters related to health care, insurance, and environmental issues.

  • 5

    Business Climate Assessment & Monitoring:

    We provide organizations with accurate and insightful information regarding Delaware’s business climate. We keep clients aware of political developments that may affect their activities, so they understand the background of the issues that may arise. This service is particularly valuable for companies that wish to locate in Delaware, and for companies already doing business here who may want to expand their operations.

  • 6

    Delaware Congressional Delegation Access:

    Our access to Delaware’s Congressional delegation allows us to advance our clients’ interests relating to federal issues. By arranging a meeting with Congressional staff, or with a member of Congress, we enable clients to express their views regarding existing or pending federal legislation at the right time and in an appropriate manner.

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