Byrd Group gets new name, maintains same commitment to its clients


Byrd Group gets new name, maintains same commitment to its clients

By any name, The Byrd Group is Delaware’s premier lobbying firm in Delaware, so the time has come for a new one.

From now on, The Byrd Group is Byrd Gomes.

The change reflects the names of all three partners who have worked together since Robert Byrd founded the firm in 2013 with Rebecca Byrd and Kim Gomes.

“Kim has earned this spot,” Mr. Byrd said. “Since joining the firm, she’s proven herself to be an effective advocate for our clients and their issues. Along with Rebecca, she’s helped the business grow.”

While the name has changed, Byrd Gomes’ mission remains the same – to provide sound and effective government relations and public strategy for clients.

“I’m deep grateful for the opportunities as well as the guidance and mentorship Bob has provided over the years and I’m excited to become a named partner in the firm.” Gomes said. “I’m looking forward to the added challenges and opportunities that come along with it.”

Even with the new name, Mr. Byrd, one of Delaware’s longest-tenured lobbyists remains the concern’s driving force.

Mr. Byrd, a former state representative, spent 10 years as the vice president and chief lobbyist at the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce before joining forces with former DuPont Co. lobbyist Bill Wood in 1988 to form Wood Byrd & Associates. Wood Byrd grew to become Delaware’s largest lobbying firm, a distinction the Byrd Group still maintains.

When Wood Byrd dissolved, Byrd was affiliated with a law firm as Wolf Block Public Strategies before establishing The Byrd Group as a new independent enterprise.

One of his best-known achievements was the legislation legalizing casinos in Delaware. Some of his clients are Aetna, Anheuser-Busch and the Medical Society of Delaware. He is also the author of Byrd of Legislative Hall, published by Regent Press in 2019.

Gomes has worked with Bob Byrd since she became an associate with Wood Byrd in 2004. Rebecca Byrd, a lawyer who is Bob Byrd’s daughter, joined them in 2009.

By any name, Byrd Gomes brings experience, dependability and effectiveness to the work that continues on.

DATA DELAWARE (5/27/2019): “Byrd of Legislative Hall”


By: Data Delaware

"The most influential lobbyist in the First State", says U.S. Senator Chris Coons, has written a book. 

Bob Byrd, the ultimate Delaware Democratic insider, delivers an extra large 250 pages of political story after political story. 

Politics is as simple as counting your votes, according to “Byrd of Legislative Hall!” It’s a fun read.

Bob Byrd releases his first book: BYRD OF LEGISLATIVE HALL!

By: Robert L. Byrd

Robert Byrd, Chief Executive Officer of the The Byrd Group, LLC, has spent a lifetime in Delaware politics, starting with his first election to the House of Representatives in 1974. He served two terms and chaired the Labor and Commerce Committee and was Majority Whip.  After leaving the state legislature, he worked as vice president, chief lobbyist, and chief financial officer for the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce from 1979 to 1988.

Byrd of Legislative Hall details more than 40 years of Robert Byrd’s life as a Delaware legislator and lobbyist. He has been in the know on just about every deal that has gone down in the back rooms and corridors of power in Delaware during those years. Not only has Byrd seen it all, he has seen who was in on it pulling the strings. He knows how to maneuver a governor into not vetoing a bill. He knows the reason people in Delaware can ride motorcycles with the helmet on their motorcycle and not their head. He knows why there were no Budweiser Clydesdales in a parade when Joe Biden was elected vice president. 

To purchase a copies of Byrd of Legislative Hall Byrd, please contact Carrie Cole at (302) 757-8300 or Purchase price: $20 per book. 

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